KIND Nut Bar – Dietitian Review

KIND Nut Bar – Dietitian Review

This KIND Nut Bar Dietitian Review will help you decide if KIND Nut Bars are nutritionally sound and live up to their marketing claims. Read on for our dietitian review of taste, nutritional properties, ingredients, use, cost, and overall versatility before making your decision.


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About KIND Nut Bars

KIND Nut Bars are almond and peanut-based snack bars. They are described on their website as made with “whole ingredients like nuts, mixed with fruits and spices bound together with honey”. 



KIND Nut Bars are available in 21 flavours: 

Dark chocolate with sea salt; caramel almond & sea salt; peanut butter dark chocolate; dark chocolate cherry cashew; dark chocolate mocha almond; almond & coconut; dark chocolate almond coconut; cherry almond; blueberry vanilla cashew; maple glazed pecan & sea salt; peanut butter; dark chocolate almond mint; salted caramel dark chocolate; milk chocolate almond; pomegranate blueberry pistachio; Madagascar vanilla almond; honey roasted nuts & sea salt; dark chocolate cinnamon pecan; milk chocolate peanut butter; raspberry cashew chia; fruit & nut



kind nut bar dietitian review


Taste & Texture

For the purpose of this review, we sampled the Almond Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate flavour. The main textural properties in this bar come from almonds and peanuts. The bar is crunchy with subtle salty and dark chocolate flavours. Almond Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate is one of the lower sugar flavours, with 5g of sugar per bar. Even though it’s lower in sugar than other bars on the market, it is by no means lacking flavour.




KIND Nut Bar – Dietitian Review





Almonds and peanuts: this makes up the bulk of KIND Nut Bars.


Inulin: this is a type of soluble fibre used to boost the fibre content of this bar. Inulin is flavourless and blends well into food products. You’ll often find inulin in granola bars, fibre supplements, and cereal on the market.


Honey, cane sugar, glucose syrup: added sugar sources used to sweeten these bars. Even though there are three sources of sugar in this bar, there is very little overall sugar added to this flavour. 


Palm Kernel Oil: a saturated fat that comes from palm seed.



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Crisp rice: used to add a crispy texture to the bars. You can see the crispy rice puffs throughout the bar.


Cocoa mass: this is basically ground-up cocoa seeds. It is a dark and rich form of chocolate.


Cocoa powder: cocoa powder is what remains after the fat is removed from cocoa beans during processing.


Sea salt: adds the salty to this Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate flavour.


Soy lecithin: used as an emulsifier to stabilize ingredients and a flavour protector.  

Natural flavour: this is a blanket term for any combination of extracts from plant or animal products. Check out our blog post, What are Natural Flavours and Should you Avoid them, for more information on natural flavours. 


Cocoa butter: the fat that is removed from cocoa beans during processing. 



Priority Allergens:

KIND Nut Bars contain almonds, peanuts, and soy. Some flavours also contain milk. They may contain tree nuts and sesame seeds. 




Nutrition Profile


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Calories: there are 200 calories in KIND Nut Bars (170-200 depending on the flavour). This is a typical amount of calories for a nut-based snack bar. 


Fat: each bar has 15g of fat (10-15 depending on the flavour). The majority of fat in this bar is coming from almonds and peanuts, with a small amount coming from palm kernel oil. 


Sodium: each bar contains 140mg of sodium (10-140mg depending on the flavor). Sea salt is a major flavour contributor to the Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate bar. The sodium content of other flavours can be much lower. 


Carbohydrates: there are 16g of carbohydrates in this bar (16-22 depending on the flavour). Carbohydrates come from honey, cane sugar, glucose syrup, almonds, and peanuts. Compared to other snack bars, this is a moderate amount of carbohydrates. This is generally an appropriate amount of carbohydrates for a snack, though some people may need more carbohydrates to feel satisfied. 


Fibre: there is 7g of fibre per bar, coming from inulin, almonds, and peanuts. 


Sugar: there is 5g of sugar per bar (4-13g depending on the flavour). This is one of the lowest sugar bars on the market that doesn’t use a non-caloric sweetener. KIND nut bars are available in nine other low-sugar flavours.  


Protein: there is 6g of protein per bar (3-8g depending on the flavour). 


Other nutrients: KIND Almond Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate bar contains 1.8mg of iron and 52mg of calcium, coming from the almonds and peanuts. 






A 12 pack of KIND nut bars range from $16.47 to $26.49 in Ontario. You can typically find single KIND nut bars for purchase for ~$1.99, comparable to other nut-based bars on the market. KIND nut bars are generally more expensive than granola bars and less expensive than protein bars or energy bars.



KIND Nut Bar – Dietitian Review



Are KIND Nut Bars Healthy?


Yes. KIND bars are an excellent choice for those looking for a balanced snack option on the go. They contain a good balance of protein, healthy fats, and fibre to keep you sustained. We also love that they are available in 10 low sugar flavours. 


Are KIND bars healthy?


Do KIND Nut Bars live up to their marketing claims?


KIND nut bars claim to be made with “whole ingredients like nuts, mixed with fruits and spices bound together with honey.” This is partially true.


KIND nut bars are made with a base of whole ingredients, such as nuts, sea salt, and cocoa. They do contain honey as a sweetener, but they also use two other sources of sugar. In addition to the whole food ingredients used, KIND nut bars also contain ingredients that we wouldn’t associate with whole foods, such as inulin and soy lecithin.


Despite their marketing claim being a bit of a stretch, KIND nut bars are still an excellent choice as they are made with good quality ingredients and have a balanced nutrition profile. 


KIND almond chocolate sea salt bar




Frequently asked questions


Do KIND Nut bars make you gain weight?


No single food will cause weight gain. Like any food, KIND nut bars can contribute to weight gain if the overall calorie intake is higher than the individual’s needs. However, KIND nut bars contain a good balance of protein, fibre, and healthy fats, which are satiating and less likely to contribute to excessive intake.


Are KIND bars dairy-free?


Some KIND bars contain milk. Always check the label for allergens before consuming a product. 


Are KIND bars gluten-free?


Yes. KIND nut bars are gluten-free. 


Are KIND bars vegan?


KIND nut bars contain honey and are not considered vegan. 


Are KIND Nut bars protein bars?


KIND nut bars are considered snack bars. They contain a moderate amount of protein, ~6g per bar. 


Are KIND bars good after a workout?


KIND bars contain a good balance of carbohydrates and protein. For recreational athletes, KIND bars can be a good post-workout snack, as long as you’re getting enough overall carbohydrate and protein each day. For athletes or those with higher nutritional needs, more protein and carbohydrates may be needed post-workout than what KIND bars provide.



KIND Nut Bar – Dietitian Review



Are KIND bars good before a workout?


The best pre-workout meal or snack will depend on the individual’s digestive tolerance, nutritional needs, and daily nutrient distribution. Generally speaking, the carbohydrate: protein ratio in KIND bars is suitable for pre-workout. Most individuals will tolerate KIND bars if consumed ~2 hours before a workout. For those training at high intensities, more carbohydrates may be needed than a single KIND bar provides. 


Are KIND bars keto?


KIND bars contain 16-22g of carbohydrates per bar and are not considered keto. 


Are KIND bars healthy for weight loss?


KIND bars contain a good balance of protein, healthy fats, and fibre, making them an excellent snack option for those with weight loss goals. 


Are KIND bars low FODMAP?


KIND nut bars contain honey and are not considered low FODMAP. 


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