Larabar – Dietitian Review

Larabar – Dietitian Review

This LARABAR Dietitian Review will help you decide if LARABARs are nutritionally sound and live up to their marketing claims. Read on for our dietitian review of taste, nutritional properties, ingredients, use, cost, and overall versatility before making your decision.


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About LARABAR Original


LARABAR Original bars are fruit and nut bars made with a blend of fruit, nuts, and spices. LARABARS contain less than 9 ingredients, with some flavours containing as few as 3 ingredients.


They are available in 27 flavours: almond butter chocolate chip, almond cookie, apple pie, banana bread, banana chocolate chip, blueberry muffin, carrot cake, cashew cookie, cherry pie, chocolate chip brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate hazelnut swirl, cinnamon raisin cookie, cinnamon roll, cocoa coconut cashew, coconut chocolate chip, coconut cream pie, key lime pie, lemon bar, mint chip brownie, peanut butter & jelly, peanut butter banana, peanut butter chocolate chip, peanut butter cookie, pecan pie, pineapple upside-down cake, and strawberry chocolate chip.



Nutrition Marketing Claims


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LARABAR describes their original bars as containing few minimally processed ingredients, as close to their natural state as possible. They also state they are “real food snacks that anyone can feel good about eating”. 



Taste & Texture


The main ingredient in LARABARs is dates and nuts, which provide the main textural properties for the bars. LARABARs are chewy and soft, with a slight crunch coming from the chopped nuts.


Some flavours with added peanut butter have an oily texture from the added fats.



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Dates: dates make up the bulk of LARABARs and bind the ingredients together.


Almonds, walnuts: nuts contribute healthy fats and protein to the bars and add a crunchy texture.


Apples: apples add a sweet flavour to the bars.


Raisins: for flavouring.


Cinnamon: for flavouring.


LARABAR ingredients


Priority allergens*: 

Contains tree nuts and peanuts, depending on the flavour. 

*Note: always check the nutrition label for up-to-date allergen information.




Larabar – Dietitian Review



Nutrition Profile 


Calories: 200 (190-230 depending on the flavour). This is higher than the average bar in the snack bar category, but typical for bars with nuts.


Fat: 9g (9-12g depending on the flavour), coming from almonds and walnuts. This is equivalent to 2 tbsp – 1/4 cup of nuts, depending on the flavour.


Sodium: 10mg (10-70mg depending on the flavour). Note: there is no added salt in this flavour, just trace amounts from the ingredients.


Carbohydrates: 25g (22-31g depending on the flavour). The majority of carbohydrates in these bars comes from dates. This flavour also contains apple which provides additional carbohydrates.



LARABAR nutrition facts



Fibre: 4g (2-5g depending on the flavour), coming from the dates, apples, and nuts.


Sugar: 18g (15-24g depending on the flavour), coming from the dates and apples. This is high, though it’s important to note that LARABAR contains no added sugar. The sugar content in LARABARs comes from dates, and fruit in some flavours. To put this into perspective, this amount of sugar is equivalent to 3-4 whole dates, or 1 small apple, which is an appropriate portion size to enjoy as a snack.


Protein: 4g (3-7g depending on the flavour), coming from almonds and walnuts. This is equivalent to 2 tbsp – 1/4 cup of nuts, depending on the flavour.


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LARABARs are available for $1.87-$1.99 per bar. This is more expensive than the average snack bar but typical for a snack bar in the specialty bar category. 




Are LARABARs healthy?


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Yes, LARABARs are a healthy on-the-go snack. Nutritionally speaking, they contain a good balance of carbs, protein, and fat for a snack that will keep you satiated between meals. We also love the short list of whole-food ingredients used to make LARABARs. 



Do LARABARs live up to their marketing claims?


Yes. LARABAR is truthful in its marketing claims related to simple ingredients with minimal processing. Though all bars go through some level of processing, the individual ingredients used to make LARABARs go through minimal processing, so we agree that LARABAR is as close to a whole-food snack as possible.



Larabar – Dietitian Review


Frequently Asked Questions



Which LARABAR flavour is the highest in protein?


Peanut butter flavour is highest in protein, with 7g per bar. 



Are LARABARs keto?


No. LARABARS contain 25g of carbohydrate per bar and are not considered keto. 



Are LARABARs gluten-free?


Yes, LARABARs are gluten-free. 



Are LARABARs dairy-free?


Yes, LARABARs are dairy-free. 





LARABARs are not low FODMAP as dates are a source of FODMAPS. 



Are LARABARS vegan?

Yes, LARABARs are vegan. 



Will LARABARs make you gain weight?


No single food will cause weight gain alone. LARABARs can contribute to weight gain if the overall calorie intake is higher than the individual’s needs. It is easier to consume excess calories from energy-dense foods such as dates, as they are lower in volume than other foods with a similar caloric value. 



Are LARABARs protein bars?


LARABARs range in protein from 3-7g per bar, depending on the flavour. LARABARs do not contain enough protein per bar to be considered a protein bar. We categorize LARABARs as balanced snack bars.



Do LARABARs have lots of sugar?


LARABARs are high in sugar, though it comes from dates and fruit, not a refined sugar source. LARABARs contain the same sugar as 3-4 dates, or 1 small apple, which is an appropriate serving size for a snack.



Larabar – Dietitian Review



Do LARABARS count as a fruit serving?


We estimate that LARABARs contain 3-4 dates per bar, which can be considered one fruit serving. 



Are LARABARs good to eat before a workout?


The best pre-workout meal or snack will depend on the individual’s digestive tolerance, nutritional needs, and daily nutrient distribution. Generally speaking, the carbohydrate: protein ratio in LARABARs is suitable for pre-workout.


The protein, fat, and fibre content of LARABARs may increase the risk of adverse gastrointestinal symptoms if consumed too close to a workout. However, most individuals will tolerate a LARABAR ~2 hours before a workout.



Are LARABARs good to eat after a workout?


LARABARs are a source of carbohydrates and contain a small amount of protein. LARABARs may be sufficient as a post-workout snack for most recreational athletes, as long as they are getting enough carbs and protein in general throughout the day. Elite athletes or those with specific training goals likely require more carbohydrates and protein to recover after a workout than LARABARs provide.



Are LARABARs a meal replacement?


LARABARs contain around 200 calories and 3-7g of protein per bar. This is not enough to be considered a meal replacement. The nutritional profile of LARABARs is more suitable as a snack between meals. 


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