Are RXBARs Healthy? Dietitian Review

RXBAR is an egg-white protein bar. RXBAR describes their bars as using “real ingredients” you might find in your kitchen or pantry. They claim to source their ingredients responsibly, with most ingredients coming from the United States. But are RXBARs as healthy as they seem? Check out our full dietitian review before adding them to your grocery cart.


RXBAR is a healthy on-the-go snack. They contain a good balance of carbs, protein, and fat for a snack and good quality ingredients. RXBAR contains a high amount of sugar, though it comes from dates, not an added sugar source. RXBARs contain the same sugar as 3-4 dates, an appropriate serving size for a snack.

Are RXBAR's healthy? Nutrition Summary

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RXBAR flavours: 

Peanut butter, Chocolate Sea Salt, Blueberry, Banana Chocolate Walnut, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate, and Vanilla Almond.


For the purpose of this review, we sampled the peanut butter flavour. The main textural properties are from dates and peanut butter, two main ingredients. We would describe the texture of these bars as chewy and gummy. The bars are oily to touch due to the peanut butter in them. There are chopped peanuts throughout the bar that add a nice crunch. The egg whites are not evident in this bar and blend in well. The flavour of this bar was pleasant and not overly sweet.

Are RXBARs healthy? Dietitian review

Are RXBARs Healthy? Dietitian Review


RXBARs are a high-quality option because the ingredients haven’t been ultra-processed like some other protein bars on the market. The ingredients in RXBAR vary depending on the flavour, but each has only a handful of simple ingredients. The peanut butter flavour ingredients are listed below, check out our RXBAR Ingredient Comparison Chart below for all flavours.

Dates: the main ingredient in RXBARs, dates provide a source of carbohydrates.

Peanuts: added to this flavour of RXBAR.

Egg whites: protein source

Natural flavour: added for flavour. Check out our recent post here for everything you need to know: What are Natural Flavours and Should You Avoid Them?

Sea salt: added for flavour.

RXBAR Ingredient Comparison Chart

Peanut ButterDates, peanuts, dried egg whites, natural flavour, sea salt
Chocolate Sea SaltDates, dried egg whites, cashews, almonds, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa, natural flavour
BlueberryDates, dried egg-whites, almonds, cashews, blueberries, natural flavour
Banana Chocolate WalnutDates, dried egg-whites, cashews, walnuts, bananas, unsweetened chocolate, cinnamon, natural flavours
Chocolate ChipDates, dried egg-whites, almonds, cashews, unsweetened chocolate, natural flavour, sea salt
Peanut Butter ChocolateDates, peanuts, dried egg-whites, unsweetened chocolate, natural flavour, sea salt, cocoa
Coconut ChocolateDates, dried egg-whites, almonds, cashews, unsweetened chocolate, coconut, natural flavour, sea salt
Vanilla AlmondDates, dried egg-whites, almonds, cashews, vanilla bean, natural flavour, sea salt

Priority allergens: 

RXBARs contain eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts (depending on the flavour).

Note: always check the nutrition label for up-to-date allergen information.

Are RXBARs healthy? Nutrition facts


Nutrition facts below represent the peanut butter RXBAR, with ranges for other flavours in parentheses. See our RXBAR Nutrition Facts Comparison chart below for details.

Calories: this bar has 200 calories (200-220). This amount is average compared to other protein bars on the market. 

Fat: there is 7g of fat per bar coming from peanuts. 

Carbohydrate: each bar has 25g of carbohydrate (22-25). This is a moderate amount of carbohydrates. Compared to other protein bars on the market, RXBAR contains an average amount of carbohydrates. The carbohydrate in these bars is coming from dates. 

Fibre: this bar is a good source of fibre, with 3g per bar (3-5) coming from dates. 

Sugar: there is 19g of sugar in the peanut butter RXBAR (15-19g). This is a high amount of sugar, though it’s important to note that RXBAR contains no added sugar. The sugar content in RXBAR is from dates. This amount of sugar is equivalent to 3-4 whole dates, an appropriate portion size of dates to enjoy as a snack. 

Protein: each bar has 12g of protein coming from egg whites. Egg whites are considered a complete protein and a high-quality protein source. 

Other nutrients: RXBAR is a source of iron, B vitamins, and magnesium. 

RXBAR Nutrition Facts Comparison Chart

Peanut ButterChocolate Sea SaltBlueberryBanana Chocolate WalnutChocolate ChipPeanut Butter ChocolateCoconut ChocolateVanilla Almond
Fat (g)78797986
Saturated fat (g)12121.52.521
Carbohydrate (g)2523242424232325
Fibre (g)45337554
Sugar (g)1714181715151417
Protein (g)1212121212121212
Sodium (mg)300160140130220320190220
Potassium (mg)400450400450450450400400

Want to know how RXBAR compares to other protein bars on the market? Check out our Protein Bar Nutrition Comparison Chart here.


$$ – moderately expensive

RXBAR in Ontario can be purchased for $2.99 per bar. This is moderate compared to other protein bars on the market.

rx bar

Are RXBARs Healthy? Dietitian Review


ARE RXBARs a healthy pre-workout snack?

The best pre-workout meal or snack will depend on the individual’s digestive tolerance, nutritional needs, and daily nutrient distribution. Generally speaking, the carbohydrate: protein ratio in RXBARs is suitable for pre-workout. The protein, fat, and fibre content of RXBAR may increase the risk of adverse gastrointestinal symptoms if consumed too close to a workout. However, most individuals will tolerate an RXBAR ~2 hours pre-workout.

Are RXBARs a healthy post-workout snack?

RXBARs are a source of carbohydrates and protein and may be suitable as a post-workout snack for those struggling to meet their needs from whole food. The amount of carbs and protein is sufficient for most recreational athletes post-workout as long as they get enough protein elsewhere throughout the day. Elite athletes or those with higher nutritional needs may require more carbohydrate and/or protein post-workout than RXBARs provide.

Do RXBARs help you gain weight?

No single food will cause weight gain alone. RXBARs can contribute to weight gain if the overall calorie intake is higher than the individual’s needs. It is easier to consume excess calories from energy-dense foods such as protein bars, as they are generally denser and less filling than whole foods.

Do RXBARs help you lose weight?

No single food will cause you to lose weight, however, RXBAR is a balanced option for those struggling with eating properly on the go. RXBAR can certainly be consumed as part of a healthy and balanced diet, however, we always suggest consuming most of your calories from whole foods first before relying on packaged items.

Are RXBARs keto?

RXBAR contains carbohydrates and is not keto-friendly.

Are RXBARs vegan?

RXBAR contains egg whites as a protein source and is not vegan.

Are RXBARs processed?

As a packaged food product, RXBARs have gone through processing in their development. However, the ingredients used in RXBAR are less processed compared to some other bars on the market.


RXBAR is not low FODMAP as dates are a source of FODMAPS.

Are RXBARs healthy?

Is it OK to eat RXBARs every day?

An RXBAR can certainly be consumed daily as part of a healthy, balanced diet, however, we always suggest trying to get your daily meals and snacks from whole foods first.

How many RXBARs can you eat in a day?

For the purpose of getting enough variety in your diet and adequate nutrients, we suggest limiting your intake of RXBAR to no more than one per day.

Are RXBARs a healthy breakfast?

RXBAR provides a balance of healthy fats, carbs, and protein. As such, it can be a suitable option for a breakfast or snack on the go. RXBARs contain ~200 calories per bar and may not be adequate for those accustomed to having a larger breakfast.

Are RXBARs gluten-free?

RXBARs do not contain any gluten in their ingredients, however, wheat is included in the ‘may contain’ statement. RXBARs are made in a facility that also processes gluten so they may not be safe for those with allergies.

Are RXBARs dairy-free?

RXBARs do not contain any dairy in their ingredients, however, dairy is included in the ‘may contain’ statement. RXBARs are made in a facility that also processes dairy so they may not be safe for those with allergies.


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  1. Are RX bars healthy for Type 2 Diabetes. Do the dates raise the blood sugar ?

    1. Thanks for your question! Blood sugar response will vary depending on the person. Generally speaking, RX bars contain carbohydrates which will raise blood sugar. However, dates are considered a low glycemic index food and will result in a smaller rise and fall in blood sugar. In addition, RX bars contain protein and fats, which will lower the blood sugar response.

  2. judith bailey says:

    Wondering what amount of potassium and phosphorus per bar…are they safe for dialysis patients?

    1. Thank you for your question! There are 410-480mg potassium per bar. The phosphorus content isn’t listed, but based on the ingredients, this flavour (peanut butter) has an estimated 76mg phosphorus.

  3. I read an article from 2018, stating the egg whites are actually powdered egg whites. Is this true?
    PS: I still enjoy this product.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I haven’t been able to find what type of egg whites are used but I assume they would be using some form of dried egg white powder as the product is shelf stable.

  4. Mike Sula says:

    I’ve been eating Rx bars for over 10 years now and have always loved their approach with “no BS” ingredients and tasty bars. They fit well into our healthy eating and active lifestyle. Recently, my wife bit into a bar that was months away from its expiration date that cracked her front teeth. We took pictures of the bar, the wrapper, expiration dates, product code, my wife’s now chipped teeth, and copy of a $2,000+ emergency dental bill. We contacted Rx bar on their site to which they responded promptly and gave us information to submit a claim. All they seemed to care about was finding out who in their facility was responsible for making this defective product. We followed all of their instructions, gave a detailed description to only be told 45 days later that because we threw out the defective product (the bar), they would be not help us at all. It was a very callus and uncaring response that showed zero empathy for our situation. All they did was send me two coupons for Rx bars that expired 30 days later…This has been extremely disappointing from a long time customer that will be telling every single one of my friends, gym members, and online communities what type of company Rx bar and Kellogg truly is.

  5. The Blueberry bar says “3 Eggs, 6 Almonds 4 Cashews, 2 Dates, No B.S.”
    Combining these ingredients does not result in a blueberry flavor so there is definitely some B.S. in the bar.

    1. The list of ingredients on the front of the package is not the complete list. The full ingredient list is on the back of the package above the nutrition facts table. In the case of the blueberry flavour, it contains the ingredients you listed as well as blueberries and natural flavour.

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