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Overwhelmed by the number of recipes in your internet search? Real Good Eats makes it easier to find quick, healthy, simple weeknight recipes online. 


We’ve searched and brought together a variety of simple, quick, and dietitian-approved recipes so that you don’t have to. Each recipe is cutting-board-to-table in under an hour, and many are ready in under 30 minutes.

Recipes are vetted by a dietitian and taste-tested for simplicity and flavour. We've got allergen-friendly recipes that are free of top priority allergens, sheet pan & one-pot recipes for when you don't want to do dishes, and weeknight dinner recipes that are ready in under 30 minutes. Browse our collection of quick and healthy weeknight recipes to eat well, even on your busiest days. 

For a recipe using pantry staples...

Easy One Pan Lentil Pasta

For dinner using 6-ingredients...

Paprika Chicken and Rice Bake

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For a great snack at home...

No-Bake Chickpea Cookie Dough Energy Bites

Recipe using pantry staples...

For when you don't want to do dishes...

Sheet Pan Smashed Potatoes with Lentils and Broccoli

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Real Food

Recipes are selected based on their use of whole foods and uncomplicated ingredients

All recipes are healthy, balanced, and approved by our dietitians

Made Real Easy

We try each recipe and select only those that are quick and easy for healthy meals in minutes

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our full collection of featured quick and healthy weeknight dinner recipes. 

sheet pan & one pot recipes

healthy one-pot and sheet pan dinner recipes. 

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30-minutes or less recipes

healthy 30-minute weeknight dinner recipes

lentil tacos with avocado cilantro sauce

vegetarian recipes

quick and easy weeknight vegetarian dinner recipes

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allergen-free recipes

egg-free, fish-free, milk-free, mustard-free, sesame seed-free, soy-free, tree nut-free, and wheat-free weeknight dinner recipes

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meal-worthy soup recipes

quick and easy soup recipes with enough protein and veggies for a meal. 

balanced pasta recipes

quick and healthy pasta recipes that are loaded with veggies and protein to keep things balanced.

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meal-worthy salads & sandwich recipes

quick and easy salad recipes that are loaded with veggies and protein to keep you satisfied.

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tacos, etc. recipes

quick and healthy weeknight taco, quesadilla, burrito bowl, enchilada and fajita recipes.

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quick and easy vegetarian recipes, poultry & egg recipes, fish & shellfish recipes, beef & pork recipes.