Cracker Nutrition Comparison

Crackers have been a staple in many people’s diets for years. And there’s no mystery why. They’re a quick and easy addition to your afternoon snack, and most importantly, they’re delicious! But cracker nutrition can vary widely from brand to brand, and with many brands available on the market, it can make it challenging to know which one best suits your needs. See our Cracker Nutrition Comparison chart below to compare the nutrition facts before you shop.

Cracker Nutrition Comparison Chart

Note: all serving sizes have been adjusted to ~30g for easier comparison.

BrandServing sizeCaloriesFatSaturatedCHOFibreSugarProteinCholSodiumPotassiumIron (mg)First ingredient
Breton basil and olive oil6 crackers (27g)1204.52181.51.530180751wheat flour
Breton Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil6 crackers (27g)1205216.51.51.530225751wheat flour
Breton Garden Vegetable Crackers6 crackers (28g)135521.51.5330225601.5wheat flour
Breton original6 crackers (28g)13512181.51.530225751.5wheat flour
Breton Multigrain27g (6 crackers)13552171.51.530173751whole wheat flour
Breton Morning Toast Everything32g (5 crackers)1676.51.5201.51.51.50300501wheat flour
Breton Morning Toasts Oats & Honey31g (5 crackers)15061.5231.531.50108501wheat flour
Breton reduced fat and salt27g (6 crackers)1051.5019.51.51.5301431132wheat flour
Breton Sweet Potato and Ancient Grains27g (6 crackers)1204.52181.5330210751wheat flour
Breton bites Cheddar30g (3/4 cup)13053181035260501wheat flour
Breton Bites Original30g (3/4 cup)140631922302001001whole grain whole wheat flour
Breton Bites Sweet Apple30g (1/2 cup)14060.5202320125401whole grain whole wheat flour
Breton Bites Veggie30g (3/4 cup)14060.52123202401001whole grain whole wheat flour
Breton Gluten-Free Garden Vegetable27g (6 crackers)13560.519.501.500285150tapioca flour
Breton Gluten-Free Herb & Garlic27g (6 crackers)13573181.51.51.5090600.5tapioca flour
Breton Gluten-Free Original with Flax27g (6 crackers)13576181.51.51.50120600.5tapioca flour
Carr's Table Water Crackers Original8 crackers (28g)10020200020160582wheat flour
Carr's Table Water Crackers with Cracked Pepper8 crackers (28g)10020200020170602wheat flour
Carr's Poppy & Sesame crackers7 crackers (30g)14062.517.5003.50105702wheat flour
Carr's Table Water Crackers Roasted Garlic & Herb8 crackers (28g)10020200020200560wheat flour
Carr's Rosemary Crackers28g (7 crackers)14063.517.50020333332wheat flour
Cheez-it crunch18 crackers (30g)13561.52001.53024037.5N/Awheat flour
Cheez-It Crunch Zesty Cheddar Ranch30g (2/3 cup)14061201120260500.75wheat flour
Cheez-It Extra Cheesy Flavour30g (1/2 cup)15081.5181030270401wheat flour
Cheez-It Italian Four Cheese30g (1/2 cup)15071.5191020260401wheat flour
Cheez-it Original33 crackers (30g)1839222003.50275N/AN/Awheat flour
Cheez-It Hot & Spicy30g (1/2 cup)15081.5191030210501.25wheat flour
Cheez-It White Cheddar30g (1/2 cup)15071.5181020210301wheat flour
Cheez-It Extra Toasty30g (1/2 cup)15081.5171030230401wheat flour
Cheez-It Snap'd Jalapeno Jack30g (1 1/4 cup)15081.5191120250750.75wheat flour
Cheez-It Snap'd Double Cheese30g (1 1/4 cup)15081.5191120250750.75wheat flour
Chez-It Snap'd Cheddar Sour Cream and Onion30g (1 1/4 cup)15081.5191120220750.75wheat flour
Cream Crackers4 crackers (30g)1334.52201040153N/A1wheat flour
Good Thins GF Multigrain19 crackers (30g)1271.5020001.50119N/AN/Arice flour
Good Thins GF Sesame18 crackers (30g)1201.50260030128N/AN/Arice flour
Good Thins Gluten Free Simply Salt18 crackers (30g)1351.5025.5001.5082.5N/A0.6rice flour
Good Thins Rice Sea Salt & Pepper13 crackers (29g)11620231.501.50173N/A0.5
Good Thins Sweet Potato Barbecue31g (11 crackers)1302.50261220170500.3rice flour
Glutino30g (8 crackers)1404.52230000300N/AN/Acorn starch, rice flour
Glutino multigrain30g (8 crackers)1304.52230000260N/AN/Acorn starch, rice flour
Glutino vegetable crackers30g (8 crackers)1304.52221100240N/AN/Acorn starch, rice flour
Glutino crackers cheese30g (8 crackers)14052.5211015310N/AN/Acorn starch, rice flour
Glutino table crackers34g (3 crackers)16073.5240000240mgN/AN/Acorn starch, palm oil
Grainsfirst Autumn Harvest6 crackers (27g)12050.516.531.530225751whole wheat flour
Grissol Artisanal Crisps Apple Flax6 crackers (30g)902016.51.54.530210N/A1.5wheat flour
Grissol Artisanal Crisps Rye Raisin6 crackers (30g)120302137.530270N/A2wheat flour
Grissol Artisanal Crisps Cranberry Poppyseed6 crackers (30g)13540211.5630285831.5wheat flour
Grissol Baguettes Olive Oil & Sea Salt30g (10 toasts)1304.50.5211130210401wheat flour
Grissol Baguettes Rosemary & Olive Oil30g (10 toasts)13040.5211230240501.25wheat flour
Grissol Baguettes Aged Cheddar30g (10 toasts)1304.50.5211230300501wheat flour
Grissol Baguettes Garden Herb30g (10 toasts)13040.5211230200501.25wheat flour
Grissol Baguettes Roasted Garlic30g (10 toasts)13050.5191240250501.75wheat flour
Grissol Baguettes Sprouted Grain30g (10 toasts)14060.5191240170501.25wheat flour
Grissol Baguettes Tomato and Basil30g (10 toasts)13050.52012301801001.5wheat flour
Grissol Baguettes Jalapeno Cheddar30g (10 toasts)1304.50.5201230270401.25wheat flour
Grissol Rusks 60% Whole Wheat28g (3 rusks)1101.50.5201130160N/A1.5whole wheat flour
Grissol Rusks Original28g (3 rusks)1001.50.5202230160N/A2wheat flour
Kellogg's Club Multigrain31g (9 crackers)14061211420320401wheat flour
Kellogg's Club Original32g (9 crackers)16071211320310301wheat flour
Kellogg's Town House Flatbread Crisps Italian Herb16 crackers (29g)1313.50.5201.51.530233441wheat flour
Kellogg's Town House FlipSides Original30g (10 crackers)15071191220370301wheat flour
Kellogg's Town House Original31g (10 crackers)160101.5180220280301wheat flour
Mary's Organic Black Pepper30g (12 crackers)1404.50.52030401801501Brown rice
Mary's Organic Cheese & Herb Flavour30g (1/3 cup)140621921402602251.75chickpea flour
Mary's Organic Herb30g (12 crackers)1404.50.52030401701501Brown rice
Mary's Organic Original30g (12 crackers)14050.52030401801501Brown rice
Mary's Organic Plant-Based Cheddar30g (1/3 cup)140621921402702251.5chickpea flour
Mary's Organic Super Seed Basil & Garlic30g (12 crackers)150711730502801752Brown rice
Mary's Organic Super Seed Classic30g (12 crackers)150711630502801501.25Brown rice
Mary's Organic Super seed Everything30g (12 crackers)150711730502801751.75Brown rice
Mary's Organic Super Seed Jalapeno30g (11 crackers)150711731502501752Brown rice
Mary's Organic Superseed Seaweed & Black sesame30g (12 crackers)150711630502802001.75Brown rice
Mary's Organic Real Thin Crackers Olive Oil + Black Pepper30g (9 crackers)14072211310220500.4brown rice flour
Mary's Organic Real Thin Garlic Rosemary30g (9 crackers)14062211310240750.5brown rice flour
Mary's Organic Real Thin Crackers Sea Salt30g (9 crackers)14062211310240500.5brown rice flour
Melba Canape 12 Grain30g (10 toasts)1141.502331.530214571wheat flour
Melba Canape Original30g (10 toasts)1001.502331.530257N/A1.5wheat flour
Melba Canape Sesame30g (10 toasts)12930231.51.540193571.8wheat flour
Melba Toast No Salt30g120102511.5400381.5wheat flour
Melba Toast Original30g1351.502811.540208581.5wheat flour
Melba Toast Olive Oil & Rosemary30g1231.502411.530185381.5wheat flour
Melba Toast Rye with Seeds30g10820191.5140154581.5wheat flour
Melba Toast Sesame28g (5 crackers)11320211140169501wheat flour
Melba Toast Sprouted Grain35g (1 pack)1302.50.5254160150751.5wheat flour
Melba Toast Whole Grain35g (1 pack)1302.50234250150751.5whole grain whole wheat flour
Melba Toast Sourdough30g12310251.51.540185581.5wheat flour
Premium Plus Salted Tops30g (9 crackers)12020.5220030240301.5wheat flour
Premium Plus Unsalted28g (9 crackers)12021220030113301.5wheat flour
Premium plus whole wheat28g (9 crackers)1152.50212.502.50257641whole grain wheat flour
Raincoast Crisps Cranberry and Hazelnut30g (3 crackers)120401826402001001unbleached wheat flour
Raincoast Crisps Fig and Olive oil30g (6 crackers)120501626602401601.5unbleached wheat flour
Raincoast Crisps Rosemary Raisin Pecan30g (6 crackers)13551181.564.501801501unbleached wheat flour
Raincoast Crisps Salty Date and Almond30g (6 crackers)1204.51171.564.502101501unbleached wheat flour
Raincoast Crisps Original30g (6 crackers)140601622602001801unbleached wheat flour
Raincoast Crisps Apricot, Fig, and Lemon30g (6 crackers)12020231.5930225N/A1.5unbleached wheat flour
Raincoast Crisps Almond Flour Salty Date30g (6 crackers)13560171.57.5302851501unbleached wheat flour
Raincoast Crispcotti Pineapple and Thai Basil30g (6 crackers)10041162820120400.5unbleached wheat flour
Raincoast Crispcotti Peach and Pecan30g (6 crackers)12050200800190801unbleached wheat flour
Ritz30g (9 crackers)1507.51.51801.51.50240301wheat flour
Ritz Bacon Dippers39g (14 crackers)14071.5171.51.530350561wheat flour
Ritz swiss cheese30g15070.51902203301001wheat flour
Ritz Real Cheddar Cheese Crackers30g (9 crackers)15071.51801.537.5255601wheat flour
Ritz Cheese Nibs1/2 cup (30g)15060.5190030210401.25wheat flour
Ritz crackers low sodium30g15071.520301.5083751wheat flour
Ritz Sociables30g (12 crackers)1507.51.51801.51.50195301wheat flour
Ryvita Rye Crispbread Dark Rye32g (3 slices)10000205130851500.75whole grain rye flour
Ryvita Rye Crispbread Light Rye30g (3 slices)1100.50205130601250.5whole grain rye flour
Ryvita Rye Crispbread Muesli Crunch25g (3 slices)901017342001250.75whole grain rye flour
Ryvita Rye Crispbread Multo-Grain32g (3 slices)1101.50185140751751.25whole grain rye flour
Ryvita Rye Crispbread Pumpkin Seeds & Oats32g (3 slices)12020.5175140551751.25whole grain rye flour
Ryvita Rye Crispbread Red Quinoa & Sesame30g (3 slices)1101.50.51541601401501.75whole grain rye flour
Ryvita Rye Crispbread Rye & Oat Bran32g (3 slices)1100.50205130401500.75whole grain rye flour
Ryvita Rye Crispbread Sesame Rye32g (2 slices)12020.5186140852001.25whole grain rye flour
Ryvita Snack Bread Cheese30g (6 slices)12010221.5030158750.5wheat flour
Ryvita Snack Bread Original30g (6 slices)12010241.5030105600.5wheat flour
Ryvita Snack Bread Whole Grain30g (6 slices)120102131.54.50681131whole grain wheat flour
Ryvita Snack Bread Salt & Pepper30g (6 slices)12010231.503017360N/Awheat flour
Ryvita Thins Chili Flatbread28g (4 slices)120102512.540187N/A1.5wheat flour
Ryvita Thins Onion Flatbreads28g (4 slices)12020.52012.54093N/A1wheat flour
Ryvita Thins Three Cheese Flatbreads28g (4 slices)1202.52171.51.51.50160N/A1.5wheat flour
Salmas Oven Baked Corn Crackers30g1161.50231.503.50141N/A1.5whole grain corn flour
Stoned Wheat Thins Low Sodium28g (4 slices)1202.50211.502.5053401.5wheat flour
Stoned Wheat Thins Original28g (4 slices)1202.50211.502.50180N/A1.5wheat flour
Topables27g (7 crackers)12650.518031.50224421wheat flour
Triscuit original29g (6 crackers)12040.5203030165N/AN/Awhole grain wheat
Triscuit Thin Crisp Parmesan Garlic29g (14 crackers)12640.5203030154N/AN/Awhole grain wheat
Triscuit low sodium29g (6 crackers)12040.520303053N/AN/Awhole grain wheat
Vegetable Thins (original)30g (2/3 cup)14071.5191220290501wheat flour
Vinta original25g (4 crackers)13361.5161.51.52.50227401wheat flour
Wheat Thins (multigrain)30g1354.50.5211.5330188N/A1.5wheat flour
Wheat Thins (original)30g14060.521122013550mg1.25wheat flour

Cracker Nutrition Facts

The nutrition content of crackers varies depending on the brand and flavor. However, most crackers are made with wheat as the main ingredient, making them primarily a source of carbohydrates. The quality of these carbohydrates will differ depending on the cracker’s ingredients and how they’re made.

For example, some crackers are made with whole grains and are a source of fiber, while others are made with refined flour and contain very little fiber. Another nutrition consideration for crackers is the sodium content, which varies depending on the brand and flavor. Some crackers are high in salt, while others are low.

The following nutrients are required to be on each cracker nutrition facts table:

Serving size: 1 cup (weight (g)

  • Calories
  • Fat (g)
    • Saturated fat (g)
    • Trans fat (g)
  • Carbohydrate (g)
    • Fibre (g)
    • Sugar (g)
  • Protein (g)
  • Cholesterol (mg)
  • Sodium (mg)
  • Potassium (mg)
  • Calcium (mg)
  • Iron (mg)

Some companies include additional nutrients, such as other micronutrients, but this will not be consistent across all cereal types as it is not part of the minimum requirements. 

cracker nutrition comparison - assorted crackers

Want to know more about how to read nutrition facts tables? Check out our guide, How to Read Nutrition Labels in Canada here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the healthiest crackers to eat?

Ryvita Crisp Bread has 6g of fiber per two slices, are low in sodium, and contains simple, whole-grain ingredients.

What is a cracker serving size?

A standard cracker size is 30g. On average this is equivalent to 4-8 crackers depending on the size and density.

How many calories in crackers?

Crackers range from 90-183 crackers per 30g serving, depending on the brand and flavor.

Are crackers healthy?

Cracker nutrition varies widely depending on the ingredients used. Crackers made with whole-grain ingredients that provide are a source of fibre can be a healthy addition to your diet.

How many carbs in crackers

The carbohydrate content of crackers ranges from 15-28g per 30g of crackers, depending on the brand and flavor.

What are the lowest-calorie crackers?

The lowest-calorie crackers are Ryvita Rye Muesli Crunch and Grissol Artisan Crisps Apple Flax, with 90 calories per 30g serving.

Are crackers a healthy snack?

Crackers made with whole grains are an excellent source of fiber. However, crackers typically do not contain protein or healthy fats in significant amounts. We suggest pairing your whole grain cracker with a source of protein/healthy fats for a balanced snack.

Which are low-sodium crackers?

The lowest sodium crackers are Ryvita Crispbread Muesli Crunch and Melba Toast No Salt, each with zero sodium per serving.

Best gluten-free crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers Original is an excellent gluten-free option as they are made with gluten-free whole grains and seeds, and contain a source of fibre.

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