15 Low Sodium Bread Brands at the Grocery Store

If you’re following a low-sodium diet, you may have noticed that bread can be a sneaky source of added salt. An average slice of bread has 100-200mg of sodium, making your unassuming sandwich a significant source of sodium in your day. The good news is that many low-sodium bread brands are available at the grocery store, allowing you to have your bread and stick to your low-sodium diet too.

What is sodium

Sodium is a nutrient involved in hydration status and nerve function. Though we need sodium as part of our diet, most people get too much. Over time, too much sodium in the diet can lead to high blood pressure, a risk factor for heart disease and stroke (1).

Sodium is present in large amounts in processed foods, such as processed meat, dips, baked goods, and take-out meals (1).

The Daily recommended intake for sodium is 2300mg per day in the U.S and Canada (1,2). Though some experts believe that our sodium intake should be closer to 1500mg per day (4). This may seem like a lot, but it adds up quickly. To put this into perspective, the average daily sodium intake in America is 3400mg (1) and Canada is 2760mg per day (2).

Low Sodium Bread

When reviewing the nutrition facts for bread, there are two tools that you can use to find the lower sodium options:

  1. The Percent Daily Value is a tool on the right side of the Nutrition Facts Table that can help you identify if there is a little or a lot of a nutrient in a food. Look for bread with less than 5% daily value of sodium per slice.
  2. The sodium content is listed in mg on the left side of the nutrition label. Any bread with less than 115mg of sodium per serving is considered low sodium.

Bread Portion Size

Most nutrition facts tables refer to the nutrient content of one slice of bread. Keep in mind that you may have to double the sodium content on the food label if you have more than one slice of bread at a time.

15 Low Sodium Bread Brands at the Grocery Store

Ezekiel Bread

Low sodium bread brands - ezekiel bread

Ezekiel Bread Low Sodium flavor is completely salt-free, with zero sodium per slice. All other flavors of Ezekiel bread are also considered low sodium, with 60mg-80 per slice depending on the flavor.

Angelic Bakehouse

Low sodium bread brands - Angelic Bakehouse

Angelic Bakehouse Sprouted No Salt Added bread contains only 5mg of sodium per slice. They also have Sprouted Reduced Sodium bread which is considered low sodium, with 85mg per slice.

Queen Street Gluten-Free Bread

Low sodium bread - Queen St Bakery

Queen St. Bakery’s gluten-free bread is also low in sodium, with only 45-60mg per slice, depending on the flavor.

Dave’s Killer Bread Thin-Sliced

Low sodium bread - Dave's Killer Bread thin slice

Dave’s Killer Bread Thin Slice has 90-115mg per slice, depending on the flavor. The lowest sodium flavor is the Thin-Sliced Power Seed, with 90mg of sodium per slice.

Sara Lee Delightful Mult-Grain bread

Low sodium Bread - Sara Lee Delightful Multigrain Bread

Sara Lee Delightful Multi-Grain bread contains 95mg sodium per slice.

Stonemill Bread

Low sodium bread - Stonemill Sprouted 12-Grain Bread

Stonemill Bread contains 90-115mg per slice, depending on the flavor. The lowest sodium flavors are Sprouted Rye & 12 Grains and Sprouted 3 Grains, with 90mg per slice.

Weight Watchers

Low Sodium Bread - Weight watchers whole wheat bread

Weight Watchers Whole Wheat bread contains 95mg of sodium per slice.

Canyon Bakehouse Ancient Grain Gluten-Free Bread

Low sodium bread - Canyon bakehouse

Canyon Bakehouse is a gluten-free option that contains 95mg of sodium per slice.

Simple Truth Organic Ancient Grains Thin Sliced Bread

Simple Truth Organic

Simple Truth Thin sliced bread contains 100mg sodium per slice.

Nature’s Own

Natures Own Whole Wheat

Nature’s Own Whole Wheat and Whole Grain bread contain 110mg of sodium per slice.

Great Value

Great Value Round Top Whole Wheat

Great Value Whole Wheat Round Top bread contains 110mg of sodium per 1 slice.

Market Pantry 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Market Pantry 100% Whole Wheat

Market Pantry’s 100% Whole Wheat bread has 115mg of sodium per slice.

15 Low Sodium Bread Brands at the Grocery Store

Brown Berry

Brown berry Thin Slice Whole Wheat

Brown Berry Small Slice 100% Whole Wheat bread contains 115mg of sodium per slice.

Koepplingers 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Koepplinger's 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Koepplinger’s 100% Whole Wheat bread contains 115mg of sodium per slice.

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