Granola Bar Nutrition Facts Comparison

Granola bars are a go-to snack option for many. And it’s no mystery why. Granola bars are easy, convenient, and taste great. There is a range in the nutrition content of granola bars depending on the type. While some granola bars are more refined and can be higher in sugar, others are a source of fibre and protein, making them a nutritious option for a balanced snack on the go. Whatever you’re looking for, our Granola Bar Nutrition Facts Comparison chart below can help you find the right one. 

Granola Bar Nutrition Facts Comparison Chart

As a grocery store dietitian and consumer, I understand how difficult it can be to select the right products. To save time at the grocery store, review our granola bar nutrition facts comparison chart below to make your decision before you shop. You can sort the table based on the nutrient of concern using the header arrows, or search for your favourites in the search box.

CaloriesFatSaturated FatCarbohydrates (g)Fibre (g)Sugar (g)Protein (g)Sodium (mg)Potassium (mg)
Amazing Grass Green Superfood Bar2108135526525350
Atkins Granola Bar200-2109-115-617-187-9117210-230125-150
Atkins Snack Bars150-1807-123.5-513-207-91-27-14180-19050-125
Autumn’s Gold Grain Free Granola Bars200164.51136455n/a
Cliff Bar Mini1102.5-30.517-1828-94-555-95n/a
Compliments Cereal Bars120-1302.50.226211-12165-100n/a
Compliments Chewy Bars100-1102-30.5-119-2017-81-240-80n/a
Compliments Sweet & Salty Chewy Nut Bars160-1706-82-2.521-24110-113-4125n/a
Compliments Cranberry & Apple Semi-Dipped Bar1303.51.52219280n/a
Enjoy Life Breakfast Ovals22010-111-1.528-2938-103170-180100-225
Enjoy Life Chewy Bars140-1704.5-80.5-223-2425-92-365-9540-75
Farm Boy Fruit & Nut Bars160-1908-131-1.518-2329-133-55n/a
Fibre 1 Chewy Bar1303.51.52679275n/a
Fibre 1 Delights9031.518-1957-80-180-85n/a
FreeYumm Soft Baked Bars110-1204.5-60.5-116-1726-81-255-6010-40
Good Fats190-20013-146-712-137-81-29-10100-110n/a
Good Fats Chewy Nutty Bars19014-152-314-1510-111-25-6125-130n/a
Good To Go160131-2.5157-825-6230175
Go Pure Fruit & Oat Bars1002-2.50-12029-10110-20n/a
Great Value Cereal Bars1302.50262121-265-100n/a
Great Value Chewy Bars110312017145n/a
Great Value Organic Oats & Honey Bar18060.530210390n/a
Great Value Protein Bars160-1804.5-102-315-180-26-99-11105-120n/a
Great Value Sweet & Salty160-1706-72-2.522-241-210-113-485-140n/a
H & A Natural Bars233-2831-214-2322-249.5-203-7.50.5-104154-265
Honey Bar180-20010-14216-202-310-145-70-70n/a
Honey Stinger Organic Cracker Bar220134.5-523-242-39-114-5100-125125-150
HUNGRY Buddha170-180113.5-61611-122970100
Kashi 7-Grain with Quinoa1706-71-1.526-27393-4100105-115
Kashi Granola Bar130-1402.5-50.5-123-2637-82-395-135110-115
Kashi Joi Nut Bar20012-151.5-2.517-183-45-6635-50n/a
Keto WOW bars170-18013-14914-1610-111-27-845-17050-300
Kewaza Healthy Bites140-1802-101-719-304-68-122-68-70n/a
Kewaza Indulge20014318410420n/a
Key to Life Bar240-27020-226-811-134-518-945-85225
KIND Bar170-20010-152-516-222-75-133-810-140n/a
KIND Breakfast210-2209-111.526-274-58-105-880-135n/a
KIND Minis Chewy1003.5-41.515-16251-265-7594
KIND Healthy Grains1505-61-1.522-2325-82-365-85n/a
KIRKLAND Nut Bars200-21015-163-3.514-177-865-6110-125200
KIRKLAND Soft & Chewy Granola Bars100313517135n/a
Lara Bar190-2309-121-722-312-515-243-71-70n/a
Leclerc Muffin Max140-1605-81-222-2329-112125-180n/a
Live Right150-1908-112-2.516-194-56-114-665-9020-75
Made Good Bars90-1002-30.5-116-1726110n/a
Made Good Bites90-1002.5-3.50.5-115-1625-6110n/a
Made Good Mornings120412026-71-28575
Made with Local – Real Food Bar235101-231411-127-830-60
Maze Bar19010121-25314-1541-2n/a
Natures Bakery Fig Bars20050.538320380125-150
Natures Bakery Gluten Free Fig Bars200-21050.538220275n/a
Natures Heart Bars170-19011-1327-954-76-72-140200-225
Natures Path Love Crunch1506-71.5-2.519-2027-92-350-70n/a
Natures Path Nut Butter Bars170-1809-112.5-316-18294-5115-120n/a
Natures Path Sunrise Breakfast Biscuits23081-1.535-364114-522070-80
Natures Path Sunrise Granola Bars1403.5-4.50.5-224-2629-102-330-110n/a
Nature Valley Biscuits180102.5-520-232-38-92-4150-160n/a
Nature Valley Crunchy190-2208-111-1.528-312-39-123-5130-170n/a
Nature Valley Granola Cups170-19093.5-421-2328-93-4160n/a
Nature Valley Lunchbox90-1001.5-30.5-1.519-2054-71-245-80n/a
Nature Valley Minis1004.521316275n/a
Nature Valley Oatmeal15050.5-1242-39-102100-125n/a
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty140-1706-92-3.520-221-27-92-4135-150n/a
Nature Valley Trail Mix130-1403-40.5-1.523-261-26-82-365-70n/a
NoSugar Keto Bar150-16012-136-714-167-809120-20062-93
Nugo Free17031.528411990n/a
Nutrigrain Bars1403.50.525-26114295-11085-90
PC Blue Menu Chewy Bars90-1302-60.5-120-216-74-62-330-5555
PC Blue Menu Oatmeal & Nut Butter150622382475n/a
President’s Choice Cereal Bars130-14030.3262111-275-80n/a
President’s Choice Chewy Bars11031191-37-81-245-55n/a
President’s Choice Crispy Snacks10020.5-119-2026165-70n/a
President’s Choice Fibre Bars903-3.51-1.517-185-65-6165n/a
President’s Choice Greek Yogurt Granola Bars160522559690n/a
President’s Choice Sweet & Salty160-1707-82-2.521-221-2103-4115-120n/a
President’s Choice Trail Mix Chewy15050.523212350n/a
Quaker Chewy Bars100-1102-30.5-119-202-351-245-70n/a
Quaker Chewy Supergrain10020.5-11723-4590n/a
Quaker Harvest Oat Bites1909-101.5-2.524-2538-93100-120n/a
Quaker Harvest Quinoa Bars1505-62-2.52419-10295-10570-80
Quaker Oatmeal To Go16041.53049395n/a
Quaker Yogurt Bars1504.6-62.521-251-29-112-5100-110100
Raw Rev Organic250-26017-183-620-223-41075310
Selection Chewy Chocolate Chip Bars1102.51201824550
Special K Nourish140-1706-111.5-416-202-37-123-535-75125-140
Taste of Nature Food Bars170-1908-111-2.519-242-45-134-60-35n/a
Taste of Nature Granola Bars130-1403.5-51-1.523-2427-102-335-50n/a
This Saves Lives150-1806-91-323-276-86-133-480-150100-150
Thunderbird Real Food Bar170-2404-190.5-616-303-411-243-795-310148-440
VEL Bars170-2009-111.5-218-213-410-124-55n/a

Note: we routinely update this Granola Bar Nutrition Facts Comparison chart. However, product formulations may change between updates. Always check the nutrition label for the most up-to-date nutrition facts before consuming a product.

Granola Bar vs. Protein Bar

The main difference between a protein bar and a granola (or snack) bar is protein. Based on our review, protein bars contain over 10g of protein per bar. That means a granola/snack bar will contain less than 10g of protein per bar. Each granola bar in our granola bar nutrition facts comparison chart below has less than 10g of protein and less than 250 calories per serving.

Granola Bar vs. Energy Bar

The main difference between a granola bar (or snack bar) and an energy bar is the calorie (energy) content. Based on our review of all bars on the market, energy bars contain at least 250 calories per bar. This means that granola bars have less than 250 calories per bar.

granola bar nutrition facts comparison chart

Granola Bar Nutrition 

Granola bars are traditionally made with oats as the main ingredient and are a source of carbohydrates. Over the recent years, this grocery category has grown to include a greater variety of snack bars, including nut-based and keto. We use the term ‘snack bar’ to refer to all types of bars.

Granola Bar Nutrition Facts Labelling 

All of the granola bars included in our comparison chart below are packaged in a single serving. This means that the nutrition facts on the food package pertain to one full bar (or full package). Each granola bar is required to have the following nutrients on a nutrition facts table:

  • Calories
  • Fat (g)
    • Saturated fat (g)
    • Trans fat (g)
  • Carbohydrate (g)
    • Fibre (g)
    • Sugar (g)
  • Protein (g)
  • Cholesterol (mg)
  • Sodium (mg)
  • Potassium (mg)
  • Calcium (mg)
  • Iron (mg)

Some companies include additional nutrients, such as polyunsaturated fats or other micronutrients, but this will not be consistent across all cereal types as it is not part of the minimum requirements. 

Want to know more about how to read nutrition facts tables? Check out our guide, How to Read Nutrition Labels in Canada here.

Granola Bar Nutrition Facts Comparison – Frequently Asked Questions

Which granola bars are healthiest?

Snack bars that contain a balance of fibre, protein, and healthy fats, and are lower in sugar and sweeteners, are the healthiest option. Some examples are KIND bars, FODY bars, KIRKLAND Nut Bars, PC Blue Menu Oatmeal & Nut Butter bars, and Autumn’s Gola Grain-Free Granola Bars.

Which granola bars are sugar-free?

NoSugar Keto bars are the only snack bar that contains 0g of sugar.

Which granola bars are low in sugar?

The following granola bars are low in sugar and do not contain sweeteners: PC Blue Menu Oatmeal & Nut Butter, Welo Probiotic Bar, and Taste of Nature food bars (some flavours) are low-sugar options. Check out our blog post 9 Best low sugar granola bars and snack bars for our full list of low-sugar favourites!

What are the best granola bars for athletes?

Athletes typically have higher carbohydrate needs, so a granola bar that is higher in carbohydrates can be a good option. Nature’s Bakery Fig bars, Quaker Oatmeal to Go bars, and Nature Valley Crunchy bars contain over 30g of carbohydrates per serving and can be an easy way for an athlete to boost their carbohydrate intake on the go.

What are the healthiest granola bars for weight loss?

A snack bar that is high in fibre and protein will be more satiating and can support weight loss goals. Some examples are NoSugar Keto bar, Natures Heart bars, KIRKLAND nut bars, and Hungry Buddha bars.

Are Granola Bars bad for you?

The nutrition quality of granola bars varies depending on the product. While some granola bars are more refined and higher in sugar, others are a source of fibre and protein and can be a healthy snack on the go.

Which granola bars are lowest in potassium?

The lowest potassium granola bars are The Hungry Buddha, Quaker Yogurt bars, This Saves Lives bar, and Kashi 7-Grain with Quinoa bar. Each bar has less than 115mg of potassium.

Which granola bars are lowest in sodium?

The lowest sodium snack bars are Taste of Nature Food bars, Honey bar, H & A Natural bars, Maze bar, Lara bar, KIND bar (some flavours), and Go Pure Fruit & Oat bars.

*Always check the nutrition facts table for up-to-date nutrition information before consuming*

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