Best Protein Bars you can Buy at the Grocery Store

When you need an on-the-go snack, protein bars can provide a healthy and convenient option. But the large variety of protein bars on the market can be overwhelming. We’ve reviewed every protein bar on the market so you don’t have to! Check out our comprehensive comparison chart of nutrition facts for each protein bar on the market, as well as our picks for the best healthy protein bars you can buy at the grocery store.

How is one protein bar different from the next?

The protein bar aisle can be overwhelming, but there are a few key ways that protein bars may differ from one another. Considering these nutrition differences before you shop and deciding what your priorities are can help narrow down your options.

Balanced protein bar vs. protein only

There are a variety of protein bars on the market to suit your snacking needs. If you’re looking for a balanced snack, aim for a bar with a carbohydrate, fibre, and fat source as well. If you’re looking for a bar to help contribute only your protein intake for the day, stick to a bar that has protein as the main macronutrient. Note: this will likely be a less filling and satiating option.

Sugar-sweetened vs. Non-caloric Sweetener

Protein bars are flavoured with either sugar or non-caloric sweeteners. Whether or not non-caloric sweeteners are a better option than sugar remains controversial. There is debate as to the impact of these sweeteners on our hunger & satiety cues, whether or not we overcompensate with more calories or sweet foods later in the day after eating non-caloric sweeteners, and the impact on gut microflora and weight.

Whether you choose sugar-sweetened or non-caloric sweetener may depend on your overall health and nutrition goals. In general, I suggest reducing your overall intake of both added sugar and non-caloric sweeteners. Opt for a lower sugar-sweetened option or a bar with only one non-caloric sweetener in the ingredient list.

Ingredient list 

Some protein bars have a very long list of ingredients and tend to be more processed, while others contain a shorter list with more whole-food ingredients (ie. ingredients that you would likely use if you were making a protein bar at home). Consider the quality of ingredients used when looking at the nutrition information on each label.

Protein source 

From soy to whey to egg whites, there are a variety of protein sources available depending on the protein bar that you choose. When comparing products, keep in mind that the majority of protein in your diet should come from whole food sources and not protein bars or other supplements. Getting a variety of protein sources in your diet is best, so this could be an opportunity to try a protein bar with a different protein source than you typically include in your diet.

Best Protein Bars you can Buy at the Grocery Store

The protein bars included in this review were classified as bars that contain less than 250 calories per bar, contain at least 10g protein per bar, and are marketed as a protein bar. These bars are available in Ontario, Canada at most grocery stores.

RX Bar 

Best protein bars you can buy at the grocery store - RX bar

This balanced, whole food protein bar is perfect for on the go snacking.

Nutrition Facts: 

Calories: 210-220

Fat: 7-10g

Carbohydrate: 22-25g

Sugar: 13-15g

Fibre: 4-5g

Protein: 12g

Simply protein

best protein bars you can purchase at the grocery store - simply protein bar

This light-tasting protein bar has only 1g of sugar and uses no artificial sweeteners.

Nutrition Facts: 

Calories: 150

Fat: 3.5-4.5g

Carbohydrate: 16-17g

Sugar: 1g

Fibre: 7g

Protein: 15g

Sprouted Protein 

Best Protein Bars you can Buy at the Grocery Store - sprouted protein bar

This vegan protein bar is also high in fibre. It contains lower sugar and is sweetened with stevia.

Nutrition Facts: 

Calories: 220-230

Fat: 8-9g

Carbohydrate: 29-32g

Sugar: 3-4g

Fibre: 16-17g

Protein: 15g

President’s Choice Protein Granola Bar

Best Protein Bars you can Buy at the Grocery Store - President's Choice Protein Granola Bar

These protein bars are budget friendly and contain lower sugar with no artificial sweeteners.

Nutrition Facts: 

Calories: 160-170

Fat: 8g

Carbohydrate: 15-15g

Sugar: 5-7g

Fibre: 5-6g

Protein: 11g

Lara Bar Protein

Best Protein Bars you can Buy at the Grocery Store - Larabar protein

These protein bars contain less than 6 ingredients and are a less processed option.

Nutrition Facts: 

Calories: 210-230

Fat: 7-10g

Carbohydrate: 24-26g

Sugar: 18-19g

Fibre: 4-5g

Protein: 11g

Hemp Yeah! Protein Bars

hemp yeah protein bar

This plant-based protein bar is a source of omega-3 fats from hemp seeds.

Nutrition Facts: 

Calories: 220-230

Fat: 14-15g

Carbohydrate: 15-16g

Sugar: 7-8g

Fibre: 2-3g

Protein: 10g

YoFit Probiotic Bar

yofit probiotic bar

This allergen-friendly protein bar is free of all priority allergens.

Nutrition Facts: 

Calories: 180-200

Fat: 8-10g

Carbohydrate: 23-25g

Sugar: 7-8g

Fibre: 4-5g

Protein: 10g

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