Are Animal Crackers Healthy? Dietitian Review

This classic snack has been around for decades, but are animal crackers healthy? Our expert dietitian reviews the nutrition facts and ingredients of Animal Crackers to help you make an informed choice at the grocery store.

About Animal Crackers

Animal crackers are described as “snack crackers”. They are made in animal shapes and are promoted as a fun snack option to pack in your child’s lunch or for snacking on the go.

are animal crackers healthy?

Taste & Texture

Though they are called crackers, Animal Crackers have a closer flavor and texture to cookies. They are crispy and have a subtle sweet flavor.

Animal Cracker Ingredients

Wheat flour: refined white flour and source of carbohydrates.

Whole grain wheat flour: source of carbohydrates and fiber coming from whole grains.

Sugar: source of added sugar (table sugar).

Vegetable oil: source of unsaturated fats. The specific type of vegetable oil(s) used is not listed on the label.

Inulin (chicory root): a source of soluble fiber added to boost the fiber content of foods. Read more about Inulin in our Inulin Ingredient Review here.

Glucose syrup: source of added sugar.

Wheat or corn starch: used as a binding, thickening agent.

Salt: added source of sodium used for flavoring.

Baking soda: leavening agent used in most baked goods.

Ammonium bicarbonate: pH adjusting agent.

Soy lecithin: used as an emulsifier to stabilize ingredients and a flavor protector.  Read more about lecithin in our Lecithin Ingredient Review here

Natural flavor: this is a blanket term for any combination of extracts from plant or animal products. Check out our blog post, What are Natural Flavours and Should you Avoid them, for more information on natural flavors. 

are animal crackers healthy?  ingredient list

Priority allergens:

Contains wheat and soy. Always check the food label for up to date ingredient and allergen information before consuming.

Animal Cracker Nutrition Facts

Per 8 cookies (30g serving)

Calories: 130

Fat: 4g, from vegetable oil.

Saturated: 0.3, from vegetable oil.

Carbohydrate: 23g, from white and whole wheat flour.

Sugars: 6g, from table sugar and glucose syrup.

Fiber: 2g, from inulin.

Protein: 2g, from white and whole wheat flour.

Sodium: 85mg, from added salt.

Calcium: 0mg

Iron: 1mg, from flour.

are animal crackers healthy? nutrition facts

Are Animal Crackers Healthy?

We gave animal crackers a score of 50 out of 100. On the positive side, they are low in saturated fat and contain a moderate amount of sugar. They are also a source of fiber and low in sodium. However, they are made from mostly refined flour and are not a source of whole grains.

Nutritionally speaking and taste-wise, animal crackers are more similar to a cookie than a cracker. If your kids enjoy animal crackers, these can be a fun occasional snack for little ones. Compared to other cookies on the market, Animal Crackers are a more nutritious alternative as they are higher in fiber, lower in sugar and free from artificial flavors and colors.

Are animal crackers healthy? Nutrition score

Frequently Asked Questions

Are animal crackers gluten-free?

No, animal crackers contain wheat and are not gluten-free.

Do animal crackers have fiber?

Animal crackers have 2g of fiber per 8 crackers.

Are animal crackers nut-free?

Yes, animal crackers are promoted as peanut-free, and nuts are not listed on the allergen statement. Always check the ingredient list and food packaging for up-to-date nutrition and allergen information.

Do animal crackers have a lot of sugar?

Animal crackers contain a moderate sugar content, with 6g per 8-cracker serving.

Are animal crackers dairy-free?

Yes. Animal crackers do not list dairy in the ingredients or allergen statement. Always check the ingredient list and food packaging for up-to-date nutrition and allergen information.

are animal crackers healthy? dietitian review
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