Best Nut-Free Granola Bars (School Safe)

The best nut-free granola bars to make school lunches a breeze! From low sugar to free from all priority allergens, we’ve rounded up our favourite nut-free granola bar options to add to your grocery list.

Finding allergen-friendly snacks can be a challenge. Whether you have a nut allergy yourself or attend a nut-free facility for school or work, we’ve rounded up the best nut-free granola bar options. Continue reading for the Best Nut-Free Granola Bars to add to your grocery list.

Note: always check the product label for up-to-date allergen information. 

Low Sugar Nut-Free Granola Bars

Welo School Friendly Granola Bars

best nut-free granola bars - welo school safe bars

These bars are low in sugar, with only 3 grams per bar. These bars are also peanut and tree nut-free, making them a great option for nut-free environments.

Healthy Crunch School Approved Granola Bars

healthy crunch school approved granola bars

These bars contain only 2g of sugar per bar and are free from all priority allergens, making them an option for those with multiple allergies.

Best nut-free granola bar on a budget

Nature Valley Lunch Box Bars

nature valley lunch box bars

These Nature Valley Lunch Box bars are available at a lower price point compared to most other nut-free bars on the market. They are moderate in sugar, with 4-7g per bar, depending on the flavour.

Best Nut-Free Bar for Teachers

Kashi Seven Grain with Quinoa

kashi 7 grain with quinoa

Unlike most nut-free or school-approved bars that come in kid-friendly sizes, these Kashi Seven Grain with Quinoa Bars are full-sized, making them a suitable option for adults looking for a nut-free snack. Relative to other nut-free bars, these are moderate in sugar, with 9g of sugar per bar.

Enjoy Life Chewy Bars

best nut-free granola bars - enjoy life chewy bar

These bars are free from all priority allergens, making them an excellent option for those with multiple food allergies. They also contain a low-moderate amount of sugar with 5-9g per bar depending on the flavour.

Free Yumm Soft Baked Bars

freeyumm bars

These bars are free from priority allergens and sized for little hands. They are moderate in sugar with 6-8g of sugar per bar.

What’s your favourite nut-free snack bar? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. These are all good commercial bars, unfortunately such healthy preferences often means “expensive” with a box being about $6 for 6 bars,
    as opposed to 2 boxes for$5 totaling 12 bars. Most families are budget orientated especially at this time of increased food pricing.
    When choices offeried for nutritional basics are cheaper with unhealthier ingredients, its still food and a priviledge to be able to afford
    simply good for us food.

    We use granola bars and fruity cookies for convenience and school lunches so a customer is born with each new family or student.
    Parents would prefer the more nutritious ones to “walk the walk” in providing and eating less processed food. Working with the food groups and the suggested Daily Intake Value and not encourage the idea that all granola bars or pre-packaged lunch items are healthy.

    An inevitable change in their palette will oppreciate more subtleties in flavours and unmasked tastes that arent overshadowed by high salt, high sugar, transfats, and preservatives and few vitamins and minerals. Those with special diets of lactose free, gluten-free, nut-free for schools or workplaces, have no choice unless they can make their own and then its affordable.

    Oh how wonderful it would be if the most convenient and nutritious options were the ” Standard or Basis or Regular or a Given” with increased vegetables, protein, some fruit, natural flavours and more genetic varieties. As we all know these days the negatives of a poor diet can be, whether is shows up in our health or unhealth (disease), mental efficiency or deficiency, physical successes or struggles (especially the increases in the obesity rate and having bigger bodies)

    I thank Brittany for this article, the website realgoodeats for providing information I and many people want and for the availability of more foods for different diet choices not only in the health and mainstream food industry but in restaurants too these days.
    Kind of long opinion, thanks for reading. A mother.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, unfortunately, convenience often comes at a higher price point. Especially when limited to allergen-friendly or more specialty options. Hopefully, this will change as more companies begin providing allergen-free items.

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