Low-Sodium Crackers You Can Find at the Grocery Store

If you’re following a low-sodium diet, you may feel like it’s next to impossible to find low-sodium crackers. The good news is that many low-sodium cracker brands are available at the grocery store, so your afternoon snack doesn’t have to put you over your sodium target.

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What is Sodium

Sodium is a nutrient involved in hydration status and nerve function. Though we need sodium as part of our diet, most people get too much. Over time, too much sodium in the diet can lead to high blood pressure, a risk factor for heart disease and stroke (1).

Sodium is present in large amounts in processed foods, such as processed meat, dips, baked goods, and take-out meals (1).

The Daily recommended intake for sodium is 2300mg per day in the U.S and Canada (1,2). Though some experts believe that our sodium intake should be closer to 1500mg per day (4). This may seem like a lot, but it adds up quickly. To put this into perspective, the average daily sodium intake in America is 3400mg (1) and in Canada is 2760mg per day (3).

Low Sodium Crackers

When reviewing the nutrition facts for crackers, there are two tools that you can use to find lower sodium options:

  1. The Percent Daily Value is a tool on the right side of the Nutrition Facts Table that can help you identify if there is a little or a lot of a nutrient in a food. Look for crackers with less than 5% daily value of sodium per 30g serving.
  2. The sodium content is listed in mg on the left side of the nutrition label. Any crackers with less than 115mg of sodium per serving are considered low sodium.

Cracker Portion Size

Most nutrition facts tables refer to the nutrient content of a 30g serving of crackers. Remember that you may have to adjust the sodium content on the food label if you have more or less than one serving of crackers at a time.

Low Sodium Crackers You can Find at the Grocery Store

1. Melba Toast No Salt

low sodium crackers - melba toast grissol

Grissol Melba Toast No Salt is salt-free, with 0mg sodium per 30g serving.

Buy Melba Toast here.

2. Manischewitz Original Unsalted Crackers

Low sodium crackers - Manischewitz unsalted

Manischewitz unsalted crackers contain 0mg sodium per cracker (32g serving).

Buy Manischewitz crackers here (USA).

3. Ryvita Rye Crispbread

low sodium crackers - ryvita muesli

Ryvita Rye Crispbread is available in a variety of low-sodium flavours. The Muesli Crunch flavour is sodium-free, with 0mg sodium per 25g serving (3 slices). Other low-sodium flavours include Rye & Oat Bran (40mg sodium per 3 slices), Pumpkin Seed & Oats (55mg sodium per 3 slices), Light Rye (60mg sodium per 3 slices), Multigrain (75mg sodium per 3 slices), Dark Rye (85mg per 3 slices), and Sesame Rye (85mg per 3 slices).

Buy Ryvita Crispbread here (USA).

Buy Ryvita Crispbread here (Canada).

4. Stoned Wheat Thins Low Sodium

Low sodium crackers - Stoned wheat thins low sodium

Stoned Wheat Thins Low Sodium contains 53mg of sodium per 4 slices (28g serving).

5. Triscuit Low Sodium

low sodium crackers - triscuit low sodium

Triscuit Low Sodium contains 53mg of sodium per 6 slices (29g serving).

Buy Triscuit Low Sodium here (USA).

Buy Triscuit Low Sodium (Canada).

6. Ryvita Snack Bread

Low sodium crackers - Ryvita snack bread

The Whole Grain and Original flavors contain 68mg and 105mg per 6 slices (30g serving), respectively.

Low-Sodium Crackers You Can Find at the Grocery Store

7. Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins

low sodium crackers - almond nut-thins

The Almond Nut Thins Pinch of Salt flavour contains 80mg sodium per 19 crackers (30g serving).

Buy Almond Nut Thins Pinch of Salt here (USA).

Buy Almond Nut Thins Salt here (Canada).

8. Good Thins Gluten-Free Simply Salt

Low sodium crackers - Good Thins gluten-free

Good Thins Gluten-Free Simply Salt crackers contain 83mg sodium per 18 crackers (30g serving).

Buy Good Thins Gluten-Free Simply Salt here (USA).

Buy Good Thins Gluten-Free Simply Salt here (Canada).

9. Ritz Crackers Low Sodium

Low sodium crackers - ritz low sodium

Ritz Low Sodium Crackers contain 83mg sodium per 30g serving.

Buy Ritz Low Sodium Crackers here (USA).

Buy Ritz Low Sodium Crackers here (Canada).

10. Breton Gluten-Free Herb & Garlic

Low sodium crackers - Breton Gluten-Free Herb & Garlic

Breton Gluten-Free Herb & Garlic crackers contain 90mg sodium per 6 crackers (27g serving).

Buy Breton Gluten-Free Herb & Garlic here (USA).

11. Back to Nature Crackers

low sodium crackers - back to nature multigrain

The Multigrain Flax flavour contains 90mg sodium per 3 crackers (26g serving).

Buy Back to Nature crackers here (USA).

12. Breton Morning Toasts Oats & Honey

Low sodium crackers - Breton Morning Toasts

Breton Morning Toasts Oats & Honey contains 108mg sodium per 5 crackers (31g).

13. Premium Plus Unsalted

low sodium crackers - premium plus unsalted

Premium plus Unsalted Crackers contain 113mg sodium per 9 crackers (28g serving).

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