Best way to Freeze Bell Peppers (with video)

Whether you’ve got pepper plants in your garden or you’re stocking up on sale, freezing your extra peppers can be a great way to save your peppers for later use. Follow these 4 simple steps to freeze your extra bell peppers.

Can you swap fresh peppers for frozen in recipes?

I’ll be honest, freezing peppers does change their texture. They become less crispy after being frozen. Because of this, I don’t recommend eating previously frozen peppers in an uncooked form like a salad. However, frozen peppers work well in cooked dishes like pasta sauce, stir fry, or even roasted on a sheet pan. In these meals, you won’t even notice that you used previously frozen peppers in the dish. You can also add your frozen peppers directly to a recipe without thawing, which can help save you time in the long run. Nutritionally speaking, freezing does not impact the nutrition value negatively, so you’re still getting the full nutritional benefit from the peppers.

How to Freeze Bell Peppers

Step 1: wash and dry your peppers

First, make sure your peppers are still fresh. If you try and freeze peppers that are already going bad, they won’t hold up as well. Wash your peppers as you normally would and dry completely.

Step 2: chop or slice in the form that you plan to use them

Using frozen vegetables can add an element of convenience to your cooking. Think about how you plan to use your frozen peppers and slice or chop them so that you can just add them directly to your dish as-is.

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Step 3: pre-freeze your peppers on a sheet pan

Lay pepper pieces on a parchment-lined sheet pan in a single layer and place in the freezer until completely frozen. This will help prevent your peppers from sticking together so you can pull out the portion that you need at a time without using the whole bag at once. If you plan to use the whole portion at a single meal, you can skip this step.

Step 4: freeze your peppers in a freezer-safe bag

Place your pepper pieces in a freezer-safe bag, remove as much of the air as possible, and return to the freezer until you need them. Frozen peppers can last up to 12 months. For best results, use a vacuum sealer. You can cook these straight from frozen which will help you save time on your future meals!

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